Entertaining and Empowering Women 
We began in 2000; hosting, developing, and producing radio programs;  Naked Radio,  About the Bay, T.M.A, Women Uncensored, and She-Radio.
We provide interesting, relevant, and entertaining media targeted to a female audience. 
We've produced two television talkshows, "Coach Vicci", a finalist for the prestigious Hometown award,
 and "She -TV" winner of the western regional TV award, "Best Entertainment Talkshow" *  in our first year of production. That show has been recognized since with several nominations  for national and regional honors. We have  expanded into print and electronic media.
Our audience looks to us for quality content and service.  It's our mission to deliver on these expectations every time!

* Western Access Video Excellence award (competition includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico and Nevada)
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